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photo of Ryne, founder of Richardson Motoworks, with his father on a motorcycle

The birth of Richardson Motoworks

From the photo above, one can reasonably conclude the seeds for Richardson Motoworks were planted in the mid-1990s when Ryne Richardson was just a toddler. Ryne’s love for all things motorcycles began when he was 2 or 3 years old when the photo was taken at his childhood home in Wooster, Ohio. The motorcycle holds a lot of significance. His parents rode away from their wedding on that bike, something Ryne wants to happen when he marries. Though Ryne doesn’t remember the photo being taken, he does remember the bike – a 1985 Yamaha FJ 1100, which his father bought brand new. It was the first brand new bike his father ever bought. He does remember holding onto his dad as a young kid and going on rides. He loved being on a motorcycle. He started out with a 50cc bike when he was a child. When he was 14, his parents bought him a Yamaha XT 250. When he was 15 ½ years old, he was able to get his motorcycle permit and ride it without a parent. He would sometimes ride the FJ 1100 to school.

After graduating from high school, Ryne gave college a try … in fact, he gave two a try: The University of Toledo and the University of Akron. Ryne discovered college was not for him. He started working, but he didn’t settle on a career.

In his free time, Ryne worked on motorcycles, usually his or his dad’s. Then, friends started asking him to work on their bikes, wanting to know: “How much do you charge?”

Ryne’s dad and uncles showed him some of the basics of motorcycle repair work. From an early age, Ryne demonstrated an aptitude for working on motorcycles. After more and more people asked him to take care of repairs for them, he decided to go to PowerSport Institute in Cleveland to be properly trained.

Ryne earned certifications with the following manufacturers at PSI:

  • Yamaha
  • Suzuki
  • Kawasaki
  • Honda

Even before finishing his formal training to be a certified powersport mechanic, Ryne landed a job servicing and repairing motorcycles. Ryne later served as master mechanic for a major Central Ohio dealership servicing Ducati, Triumph, and BMW motorcycles for five years before starting his own concierge motorcycle repair and service business.

When Ryne worked on his dad’s and friends’ bikes, he never dreamed of doing it for a living, but it became a reality. Now, he is pursuing the American Dream with his Richardson Motoworks.

The goal behind Richardson Motoworks is simple: We want to simplify your life. We want to make it easy to schedule service and pick-up online. We’ll come to get your motorcycle, work on it, and return it better than we found it. (Yes, we are fully insured.)

The love and care Ryne has for his father’s bike are the same he has for all of the motorcycles he and his team work on. Oh, and about that FJ 1100, it’s still in the family. In fact, it is in Ryne’s garage; he has nearly restored it completely.

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