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Don’t worry about finding a time in your hectic schedule to drop your bike off or searching for “motorcycle service near me.” With our concierge service, we’ll come get your bike and drop it off when it’s done. That’s how we roll at Richardson Motoworks.

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Motorcycle Repair Services We Offer

photo of Ryne performing an oil change, one of the many motorcycle repair services he offers

Are you a motorcycle enthusiast in need of reliable repair services? Look no further than Richardson Motoworks. Our experienced master mechanic is dedicated to providing top-notch repairs and maintenance for all types of motorcycles, including ATVs, dirt bikes, side-by-side, and scooters. We service all makes and models of motorcycles, even vintage motorcycles over 10 years old.

We understand the importance of keeping your motorcycle in peak condition. Whether you need a routine oil change or more extensive repairs, we have the expertise and equipment to get the job done right.

Plus, our convenient concierge service makes it easier than ever to fit maintenance into your busy schedule. We will pick up your bike to service it and drop it off when it’s done. We did say our motorcycle repair shop makes it easy.

Don’t let a malfunctioning motorcycle keep you off the road – trust Richardson Motoworks for all your repair needs. We are a full-service shop that offers a wide variety of services and repairs. We offer so much more than tires and oil.

Warranty Work

Some people mistakenly believe they have to have their bikes serviced at a motorcycle dealership in order for their warranty to remain valid. We can do the work for you, provide you with an invoice detailing the services we provided and the parts we replaced to ensure your warranty remains valid.

Plus, when you work with an independent shop like Richardson Motoworks, you will save money.

Oil Changes

Regular oil changes are crucial for your motorcycle’s longevity and performance.

We can provide you with a quick and efficient oil change service that will keep your motorcycle running smoothly for miles to come.

During an oil change, we will drain the old oil from your motorcycle’s engine and replace it with fresh, high-quality oil.

We will also replace the oil filter, which helps to remove any impurities from the oil and keep your engine clean.

If you prefer to save some money and change the oil yourself, be sure to watch our video below.


If you want to ensure your bike stops on a dime, it’s essential to have properly functioning brakes. Your motorcycle’s brakes are one of the most important safety features, and they need to be checked regularly. If you notice any issues with your brakes, such as squeaking or grinding noises, it’s crucial to bring your bike in for a brake inspection. At Richardson Motoworks, we offer comprehensive motorcycle brake services to keep you safe on the road. We will inspect your brake pads, rotors, and calipers to ensure they’re in good condition. We’ll also check your brake fluid levels and replace or change the fluid if necessary. With our expert brake services, you can ride with confidence knowing your brakes are in top-notch condition.


When you’re cruising down the road on your bike, the tires are the only things keeping you connected to the pavement, so it’s crucial to make sure they’re in good condition and have enough tread to grip the road. At Richardson Motoworks, we understand the importance of having high-quality tires. We can help you choose the right tires based on your riding style and preferences. We can also perform tire mounting and balancing services to ensure that your tires are properly installed and aligned. You should regularly check the pressure in your tires. If they are underinflated or overinflated, it will negatively affect the longevity and performance of your tires.

Routine Motorcycle Maintenance

Maintaining your bike is essential to ensure it runs smoothly and safely, so let us help you keep your ride in top condition with our expert motorcycle maintenance services. Regular maintenance can save you from costly repairs and can help extend the life of your motorcycle. We perform routine maintenance tasks such as oil changes, filter replacements, chain adjustments, and brake checks to keep your bike running smoothly. In addition to routine maintenance, we also offer more extensive services. Whether you need a basic tune-up or a major repair, we have the skills and tools to get the job done right.

Motorcycle Repairs

You’ve put in countless miles on your ride, but even the most well-maintained motorcycles can break down. Richardson Motoworks is here to get you back on the road in no time. From minor engine repairs to major issues, we have the knowledge and experience to diagnose and fix what ails your motorcycle.

Motorcycle Diagnostics

Not sure what’s up with your motorcycle? Let us run a diagnostic scan to detect any problems with your bike’s systems, including engine, transmission, tire pressure monitoring system, anti-lock braking system, headlights, ignition, chassis management, and more. We use the latest diagnostic tools and techniques to accurately identify the root cause of your motorcycle’s problems. From engine faults to electrical issues, we’ve got you covered.

Desmo Service for Ducatis

If you want your bike to run smoothly and efficiently, it’s essential to keep up with regular Desmo servicing. The Desmodromic valve system is a unique feature of Ducati motorcycles, and it requires specialized attention to maintain its optimal performance. During a Desmo service, we will make sure your valve system functions properly. Valve adjustment involves making necessary changes to the valve clearances and the timing of the valves. Ducati recommends Desmo servicing at 18,000 miles. This work requires technical expertise and specialized tools. We can do the work for you, and we can do warranty work.
Ryne working on a chain sprocket

Chain and Sprocket Replacement

Your chain and sprockets are vital to the operation of your motorcycle. Any issue with them, and you might find yourself on the side of the road calling for a tow. When we replace your chain, we will check to make sure the new chain has the same number of links as the one we removed. We also ensure the chain and sprockets are properly aligned and adjusted properly.

Clutch Replacement

Replacing your motorcycle’s clutch is crucial to maintaining a smooth and exhilarating ride. It ensures that you can shift gears with ease and confidence. Over time, the clutch plates can wear down, causing slipping, jerking, or difficulty shifting. Ignoring these warning signs can lead to further damage to your motorcycle’s engine, transmission, and other parts, resulting in costly repairs.

Fork Seals

Fork seals are responsible for keeping the fork oil contained within the fork tubes, allowing the motorcycle’s suspension to function properly. When fork seals fail, they can cause oil leaks that not only affect the suspension’s performance but also compromise the rider’s safety. If you notice oil leaking from the front fork tubes, it’s a sign that your motorcycle’s fork seals need to be replaced. Riding with faulty fork seals can cause oil to contaminate the brake pads or tires, leading to dangerous situations.

Valve Service

The valves in your motorcycle engine are critical components that regulate the flow of air and fuel into and out of the combustion chamber. Over time, these valves can become worn or loose, which can cause a loss of performance and efficiency. We will inspect and adjust your valves to ensure that they’re working properly.During our motorcycle valve service, we’ll also inspect and replace any worn or damaged components, including valve guides, seals, and springs. This will help prevent oil leaks and other issues that can lead to costly repairs down the road.

Stator Replacement

You’ll want to ensure the optimal functioning of your bike’s electrical system by having our expert technicians inspect and replace the stator, if needed. The stator is a vital component of your bike’s electrical system, responsible for generating power and keeping your battery charged. Over time, the stator can wear down and become damaged, leading to a lack of power and potential stalling of your bike. It can lead to a dead batter, dim or flickering lights, and even problems with your ignition system.

Coolant Flush

Your motorcycle’s cooling system needs to function properly to keep your bike operating and prevent problems, which is why we offer coolant flush services. Over time, the coolant in your motorcycle can become contaminated with debris, causing it to lose its effectiveness and potentially leading to overheating. By flushing out the old coolant and replacing it with fresh, clean coolant, we can help prevent these issues and keep your bike running smoothly. During a coolant flush, we will drain the old coolant from your motorcycle’s system and replace it. If needed, during the flush we will use a specialized cleaning solution to help remove any debris or contaminants that might have built up in the system. By investing in a coolant flush, you can help ensure that your bike stays cool and running smoothly for miles to come.


Your motorcycle’s carburetor is responsible for mixing air and fuel to create the power needed for your bike to run. As time passes, carburetors can become clogged with debris, leading to poor performance and even failure. That’s why it’s essential to have your carburetor cleaned and tuned regularly. Whether you have a motorcycle over 10 years old or a newer model, we have the expertise and tools needed to get your carburetor in top shape.

Service Reminder Reset

Many newer motorcycles have a built-in service reminder system that will flash a light on your dashboard when it’s time for an oil change or other routine maintenance. These systems will track time elapsed or the mileage since the last service and prompt you when it’s time to get scheduled maintenance done. Once you’ve completed the necessary service, the service reminder system will need to be reset so that it’s ready for the next time. We can take care of that for you, so you stay on track with your maintenance schedule.

Accessory Installation

At Richardson Motoworks, we recommend you keep your bike stock for a year so you understand how it was designed to perform by the manufacturer. Once you have an understanding of how your bike performs, then you can start adding accessories. We can help you customize and personalize your bike based on your desires with our accessory installation service. We can also offer insights from our years of working on all kinds of makes and models to help you make the best choice when it comes to accessories.

Winter Storage Prep

Getting your bike ready for winter by prepping it for storage is a must here in Columbus, Ohio. We provide winter storage prep, but it is also something you can do yourself and save a few bucks. We recommend the battery be removed, especially if it is a lithium batter, and stored in a shed away from the house. At the very least, you should unhook the battery. Be sure to turn your gas off and drain any gas from the carburetor. If the gas remains in the carburetor over the winter, it can eat seals or clog your jets. This will also help your bike fire up easily in the spring (or if there is a warm day in the winter) because you will not have to burn off old gas. We would be happy to help you with getting your bike ready to store over the winter.

Riding Season Prep

As the weather warms up, it’s time to start prepping your bike for the riding season ahead. Before you hit the road, we recommend a safety inspection. At Richardson Motoworks, we will make sure your tires are properly inflated and have enough tread. We’ll check your brakes, including the pads and rotors, and make sure they are working properly. You should also check your oil and fluid levels, as well as your battery and electrical system. Because your bike sat over the winter, you want to make sure it is ready to hit the road by having a safety inspection done.

Spark Plugs

Spark plugs play an important role in your motorcycle’s ignition system. They ignite the fuel in your engine to create the power that propels your bike forward. Without properly functioning spark plugs, your bike won’t start or run efficiently. If you notice that your motorcycle is struggling to start, running rough, or has poor acceleration, it could be a sign that your spark plugs need to be replaced. Ignoring the maintenance of your spark plugs can lead to reduced fuel efficiency, engine misfires, and costly repairs down the road. So, take the time to check and replace your spark plugs to ensure a smooth and safe ride this season. Let us know if we can be of help.

Air Filters

We can also check your motorcycle’s air filters to ensure that your bike is getting enough clean air to run smoothly. Air filters prevent dirt, debris, and other contaminants from entering the engine and causing damage. Over time, air filters can become clogged and restrict the flow of air. This can cause your engine to run poorly. If you notice that your bike is running rough or experiencing a decrease in power, it may be time to check your air filters.

Richardson Motoworks is Here for Your Motorcycle Service Needs

These are many of the motorcycle repair services offered at Richardson Motoworks. From oil changes to winter storage prep, they’ve got you covered. If you need work done that you don’t see here, reach out to us. We’ll let you know if we can fix your bike for you. Don’t let a small issue turn into a big problem.Schedule your motorcycle repair services or routine maintenance with Richardson Motoworks today. You’ll be back on the road in no time, enjoying the thrill of the ride once again.

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